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Mattress Sleep Study

The following sleep study comes from the Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama. 149 sleep disorder patients were tested using three of our premier mattresses at their center. 70% of these already troubled sleep patients surveyed felt that they had a reduction in the need to shift around or toss and turn while sleeping on these mattresses. 91% of these patients surveyed stated that they would recommend these mattresses to someone who was interested in purchasing a new mattress and 94% of them said that they felt well supported on these mattresses. For detailed information, please see the study data below:

Mattress Questionnaire Data, October 2007

One hundred forty nine of our sleep center patients were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding  their night of sleep on one of three different types of mattress from Ultrabed.com. The three type were Tri-Pedic, Fibro-Pedic, and Tempur-Flow. The following was collected from January to October 2007.

Sleep Rating Graph
Sleep Disorder Graph 2
Mattress Tossing And Turning
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