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Organic Coconut and Latex Mattress by PalmPring

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Made with 100% organic latex, coconut coir fiber, wool and cotton to increase stability and decrease partner motion transfer!

As interest in Organic mattresses have grown so rapidly, so has false representations of what that actually means. With PalmPring, we are proud to disclose all the Organic certifications, so you know all the components you in the mattress are certified organic from start to finish.

While truly organic mattresses solve the issue of chemical concerns, the springy latex that makes them so comfortable and supportive also can cause a feeling of instability and create motion between you and your partner with every movement. Thanks to our special coconut mattress core, PalmPring mattresses are more stable and produce far less motion transfer, without the reducing the comfort. PalmPring’s commitment to a healthful lifestyle has resulted in premium quality bedding. We have over 20 years of testing and research addressing comfort, chemical-free materials, durable construction, intelligent design and sustainable production. Our hypo-allergenic mattresses are constructed with organic materials, sourced and processed using non-toxic methods that do not sensitize our bodies, nor pollute the environment. Medical, fitness and wellness professionals embrace our product, while customers continue to refer friends and family.

Palmpring would love to provide you with the comfort and blissful sleep your body deserves.

The Highest-Quality Organic Materials

Palmpring Latex Rub Tree

Organic Latex Foam

We manufacture our products from the highest quality organic latex, sourced from certified organic rubber resin trees and processed in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner. The latex molds for our mattresses, pillows and cushions are formed using the Dunlop process, a method of heating and solidifying the natural rubber into the appropriate density without using additional chemicals.

Organic Palm Coir

Our organic palm coir (coconut fiber) is woven from discarded coconut husks (material that is often considered “waste” in other coconut material trades), which are recycled and processed gently over time with water as the only solvent. The processed fibers are then woven into a rope which is then flattened into layers and coated with organic latex to create a water-repelling and germ-resistant mattress base. This rubberized palm coir offers natural flexibility and strong support for the body, replacing the need for metal springs.

Organic Cotton and Wool

In addition, a layer of organic wool and cotton, which is covered by organic cotton ticking, serves as a “top cover” for our mattresses. The layer of wool acts as an all-natural fire-retardant, and precludes the need for traditional chemical sprays.

Top quality comfort made with only 100% organic, natural, and eco-friendly materials. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our hypo-allergenic, chemical-free, and metal-free mattress lacks heat and water retention, resulting in a relaxing sleep environment.

Natural Life…

Palmpring Organic Latex Mattress Overview

8 Different Comfort Levels Custom Sizes Available

We offer eight different comfort levels in our mattresses. They are constructed with palm coir and organic latex, using different thicknesses to adjust the firmness. The materials keep bodies cool when it’s hot and do not retain moisture when it’s humid. Standard mattress sizes include Twin, Full, Queen, California and Eastern King). Custom sizing available.

Palmpring Colva Organic Latex Mattress

Colva Mattress


Our bestselling mattress and the one most recommended by medical professionals. Layers of coir (2″) alternate with layers of latex (2″), creating a signature “sandwich” style that makes Palmpring truly unique. Can range from medium to firm depending on which side you flip your mattress to sleep on. Feels firm, but still plush enough to remind you that it’s possible to sleep on a cloud!

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Palm Pring Puri Organic Latex Mattress

Puri Mattress

Two layers of latex (4″ and 2″) “sandwich” one layer of palm coir (2″) to create a “cushion” for those used to sleeping on a mattress that absorbs the body’s movements. Great for people who frequently toss, turn and roll around. Offers the option to sleep on the plush side, or the firm side for days when your body needs more support. Provides excellent ventilation, spring action and shock absorbance. Pure comfort and bliss!

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Mattress Made From Natural Materials

Bally Mattress

A symmetrical mattress of medium firmness that feels the same regardless of how you flip it. Two layers of plush latex (2″) “sandwich” one layer of coir (2″). While sleeping on comforting latex, the strong supporting layer of coir provides resilience and absorbs shocks.

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Palm Pring Ellora Organic Latex Mattress

Ellora Mattress

On the firmer side, the Ellora mattress has one layer of latex (2″) and a thicker layer of palm coir (4″). This combination provides consistent body support from head to toe combined with excellent ventilation that keeps the mattress free of heat and moisture retention. The mattress can be flipped to either the latex or coir side to adjust to your comfort level. Not for softies!

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Premium Organic Firmness Mattress

Cambay Mattress

The firmest possible option, the Cambay mattress features a single layer of palm coir (6″). A healthy option for those who may suffer from aches or pains, this bed is for those who desire stiff support for their body as much as a bacteria- and mold-free environment. Appeals to those who have some experience sleeping on very firm bedding, or even the floor!

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Palmpring Organic Latex Wool Cotton

Agra Mattress

Made for the most delicate of bodies that wish to float while they are in bed, this mattress offers the softest possible comfort, and is flexible enough for an adjustable bed. It is made of one layer of pure latex (7″) that is denser than a bath sponge. Palmpring’s Seven Zones of the Body technology helps distribute the body’s weight evenly across the organic latex so it does not actually sink in, but maintains the integrity of the spine so that it stays straight regardless of which way you sleep. No rough handling here!

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Palm Pring Kochi Organic Latex Mattress

Kochi Mattress

It’s made of one layer of pure organic latex and one layer of organic coconut fiber (coir), with a certified organic cotton and wool exterior cover. The combination of materials offers excellent ventilation, comfort and safety. Hypoallergenic and germ-resistant.

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Cambay Eco Friendly Mattress

Cambay Mattress 5″

The firmest possible option, the Cambay mattress features a single layer of palm coir (4″). A healthy option for those who may suffer from aches or pains, this bed is for those who desire stiff support for their body as much as a bacteria- and mold-free environment. Appeals to those who have some experience sleeping on very firm bedding, or even the floor!

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Palmpring Mattress Neck Pain

Rest assured

Palmpring products provide a healthy alternative to synthetic latex and traditional spring mattresses. The organic latex in our products provides a naturally hypoallergenic, 99.9% germ-resistant pillar of support for the body. The lack of heat and water retention in the latex and coir prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, and presents an inhospitable atmosphere for dust mites, which are a common source of allergies and irritation. Unlike less-expensive poly-synthetic latex alternatives, organic latex does not expose additional chemicals to the body. The layer of woven coir provides a shock-absorbing alternative to metal springs, while the latex layer is perforated using Palmpring’s “7 Zones of the Body” mapping system, which provides even weight distribution throughout and allows the spine to remain aligned regardless of sleeping position.

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By being the manufacturer, as well as collaborating with other specialty mattress manufacturers (including the largest foam distributors), and having extensive experience in comfort and pain relief sleep products, from our parent company Relief-Mart – we promise you the lowest prices and the highest quality mattresses available on the market today!